R. Zaballos & Sons, Inc.

As many highly successful, family-owned businesses will attest, it’s difficult to sustain growth and profitability from one generation to the next. R. Zaballos & Sons, a property management, general contracting, construction firm with agricultural interests, was experiencing the largely predictable challenges of growth and diversification while transitioning leadership to a third generation and attempting to attract new family members to the business. No easy task, to be sure.

The Schnur Group was retained to help the firm make the transition smoothly and, in the process, increase its ability to grow. We:

  • Created a suitable, scalable organization structure
  • Implemented an approach to communication designed to inform and engage all family members
  • Developed a set of processes to build capabilities from within
  • Attracted new family members to the business (an essential requirement to ensure long-term family leadership)
  • Built skills for the family to resolve business issues effectively, and
  • Supported leadership to lead effectively.

And, in the process, helped bring the family together. Which, all things considered, may be more important than a successful business.