Organization Design and Leadership Development at The Clorox Company

The situation. The Finance and Accounting function of The Clorox Company, a multi-national consumer products company, required a new organization structure, one capable of increasing the ability of the function to serve the needs of the business. The function also needed a variety of support systems and processes to elevate performance, including: A new on-boarding process, a career planning and development process, and an aggressive program to develop leaders from within the function.

Key objectives. The goals of the project included:

  • Increasing efficiency and productivity of the function
  • Elevating quality and value provided to the business
  • Creating a more robust pipeline of top talent for key leadership roles
  • Reducing turnover among top performers and high potential employees
  • Retention of top talent, and
  • Accelerating the bottom-line growth of the business.

Project scope. Activities included:

  • Conceiving and implementing a new organization structure
  • Designing and implementing a new on-boarding process
  • Developing a novel, on-line career planning and development process
  • Creating and leading a leadership program for the function’s top 50 employees, and
  • Designing and executing an aggressive communications effort to increase employee commitment.

Benefits achieved. Following the completion of the work, the function:

  • Achieved a significant reduction of turnover, especially among top performers
  • Customer service ratings increased
  • A larger, more diverse pool of potential leaders for the function was developed
  • Internal “culture” change – including enhanced communication, improved collaboration, enhanced decision-making, speed to solution – was realized.