About Us

Experience. Innovation. Sustainable change. Guaranteed results. Meet The Schnur Group.

We are a management and human capital consultancy specializing in performance improvement and culture transformation to drive bottom-line growth. Our consultants, all seasoned practitioners, partner with you to develop and implement effective, efficient and sustainable change that will deliver growth for years to come – without the on-going need for external support. Indeed, our approach and practice is to enable our clients to build on their strengths and develop the necessary skills to be their own change agents, continuously improving their organization’s performance long after we’ve departed. Imagine that. A consulting firm that does not move in but, instead, teaches, builds internal capabilities, transfers project leadership and leaves graciously. Our guiding principle: Sustained change works best when driven from within.

With consultants in the San Francisco Bay Area, Denver, and Houston, we have helped organizations grapple with and solve long-standing, complex business and people issues. Indeed, our consultants have:

  • Worked in the boardroom as both executives of global corporations and as consultants to thåe nation’s leading enterprises
  • Deep expertise across industries, serving those in: aviation, consumer products, financial services, media/entertainment, power, technology, transportation, water, and wine
  • The expertise and patience required to work effectively with family-owned companies of all sizes, and
  • Served at the Partner level in some of the world’s largest consulting firms.

We have, without a doubt, been there and done that. Successfully. Most importantly, our clients get measurable results. It’s our promise. And our guarantee. Welcome to The Schnur Group.

Our Team

Experienced. Innovative. Effective. Partners in the world’s largest consultancies. HR executives. Advisors to some of the world’s most complex organizations. Deep experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors. A passion for partnering. We are The Schnur Group.

Our Services

Transforming Organizations

We transform businesses — people, behaviors, processes and organization structures — to help sustain growth. The challenges of sustaining profitable growth for an industry leader require great judgment and focus with a nimbleness and fluidity to explore new and better ways to outperform the competition. We help make this happen. Quickly and efficiently. We build cultures that adapt to change, enhance the development of innovative solutions, seek to improve continuously and produce measurable performance gains. Long after we’ve left.

Developing Leaders

We build leaders capable of motivating, developing and inspiring others to achieve superior results. We define ‘leadership’ as the ability to produce superior results through people. Curiously, common sense about developing effective leaders is not common practice. Successful businesses need a strong pipeline of outstanding leaders – from all levels of the organization – if long-term, sustainable growth is a key to the business. We build effective leaders who inspire others to produce outstanding results. Because it’s hard to win without leadership.

Creating High-performance Teams

We build teams that deliver superior results, dazzle customers and outperform the competition. Highly effective teams produce outstanding results and, in turn, drive successful organizations. We have studied and worked with hundreds of teams in a wide array of industries. We know how to build sustainably effective teams that are able to produce superior results well into the future. That’s what winning is about. We are passionate about building teams and we’re told it shows.

Transforming Administrative Functions to Drive Top Results

We help admin functions become real players in the business. For companies to be successful long term, HR, Finance and IT must be able to help drive profitable growth. All have the capacity to lead change, equip the business for growth and increase efficiency. Unfortunately, few demonstrate it. We have worked in admin functions that are high on the dreaded ‘Admin Scale’ and in functions that are high on the more desirable ‘Strategy & Impact Scale.’ We much prefer the latter and know how to get support functions there. Despite years of history that would suggest otherwise, admin functions can, indeed, add strategic and bottom-line value to an organization. And we can prove it.

Increasing Board Effectiveness

We partner with Boards of Directors to improve their ability to govern and to lead. Effective leadership has never been more urgently needed. Boards that set clear priorities, have truly candid conversations and create accountability for performance are those that guide long-term growth. We have served on Boards and know how to build a Board into a truly effective governance body.


FUSION taps the knowledge, insight and expertise that exist within every organization to create bold recommendations for dramatic and sustainable performance gains.

It is a controlled, contained, step-wise reaction requiring an exacting process and expert facilitation. A quantum leap from typical OD processes, FUSION demands unparalleled objectivity, authenticity and integrity only highly skilled facilitators can bring.

FUSION works. Recent FUSION clients have achieved some amazing gains, including:

  • Growing revenue to $1.0 B within 2 years (20% growth) while reducing costs by $2.5 mm
  • Reducing time to market by 25%
  • Increasing customer service ratings by 20%
  • Eliminating two weeks from the year-end financial closing process
  • Reducing voluntary turnover among top performers and high potentials by 25%
  • Increasing market share by 15% in 2 years
  • Decreasing the time required to fill job vacancies successfully by 50%
  • Decreasing the learning curve among new hires by 50%
  • Reducing ‘administrivia’ by 25%
  • Becoming a Fortune Top 100 Places to Work company within 2 years

This Thing Called Success

Why do some succeed and others fail? Why do only some reach their personal and professional goals while many are willing to settle for less? What causes some to win and others to fall short? Is it superior skill? High effort? Luck? An unquenchable thirst to succeed? An unwillingness to fail?

This fast-paced, highly interactive, entertaining and compelling workshop will answer these questions and consider other topics central to the topic of success. You’ll be introduced to some who have achieved and others who haven’t. You’ll explore first-hand a theory called ‘Capacity for Success.’ You’ll learn that ‘success’ has many meanings and implications. Most importantly, you may discover something important about yourself and, just possibly, how to be more fulfilled in both your professional and personal lives. This workshop has changed lives; it might change yours.